It's Time to Use Ancestry Mark

The Ancestry Mark helps creators to legally attest to the agency and authenticity of their creations, providing a structured framework to distinguish their work.

How it Works

Work Presentation

Creators attest to their work's authenticity via a signed affidavit, detailing their creative involvement.

Mark Licensing

Eligible works, products and projects are awarded with Ancestry Mark License and Logo Use Rights.

Marketing Promotion

Certified creators use the Ancestry Mark to communicate their work's authenticity to the public.

Consumer Verification

Clients, journalists and audiences verify the Ancestry Mark to access detailed information about the work.

Ancestry Mark Standard

The Ancestry Mark certification signifies a work's adherence to the principles of agency and authenticity, showcasing significant sentient creativity and personal decision-making.

  • Relays creator's affidavit
  • Highlights genuine creative effort
  • Commitment to agency and authenticity
Ancestry Mark Standard

Ancestry Mark Gold Seal

The Gold Seal is awarded to works created entirely without AI assistance, representing personal creativity and authentic creation.

  • Zero AI-generated content or tools used
  • Exemplifies pure conscious design and creativity
  • Recognition of agency, artistry and authenticity
Ancestry Mark Gold Seal

Verify Ancestry Mark

Enter the 8-Digit Ancestry Mark Code within the label to check if an Ancestry Mark is valid or not.

When you control the validity of an Ancestry Mark, you will be shown a green check sign if the mark is valid or a red x if the mark is not valid. If a mark is valid, work image and affidavit certification information is displayed to help you understand the creator's statements.

Get Ancestry Mark

Secure your work's originality through a legal affidavit, affirming your direct creative involvement and distinguishing it from AI-generated content.

The Ancestry Mark affidavit certification process attests your creative process, emphasizing your sentient involvement and distinguishing your work from AI-generated content.

Join a community where conscious creativity is valued and recorded, enhancing the credibility and visibility of your work. Apply now to make your mark.

Get Ancestry Mark

How to Apply

Create and Submit

Creators initiate the certification by registering and submitting their work along with its description on the Ancestry Mark platform.

Complete the Affidavit

Participants fill out an affidavit, legally attesting to the authenticity and originality of their creation by detailing their creative process.

Review and Verification

The Ancestry Mark team conducts a thorough review of the submission and affidavit to ensure compliance with Ancestry Mark criteria.

Certification and Promotion

Successful applications receive the Ancestry Mark certification, granting them access to promotional tools and enhanced market visibility for their authenticated work.

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Important: Not all applications will be granted the Ancestry Mark. View the link above to learn more about the procedure, eligibility criteria and requirements.

Report Misuse

Please contact us to report any misuse or unauthorized uses of the Ancestry Mark. The Ancestry Mark is managed by A' Design Awards and is provided to works that pass rigorous criteria, ensuring that only genuine, authentic creations are recognized. Misuse undermines the credibility of the Mark and disrespects the creators it aims to protect.

The Ancestry Mark is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of creativity and originality. Please help us uphold these values by reporting any instances where you believe the Mark is being used inappropriately or without authorization.

If you encounter a work claiming to be certified by the Ancestry Mark that you suspect does not meet our criteria or is using the Mark without proper authorization, please contact us.

Ancestry Mark Gold Seal